Call for Papers: Sexed Religion

Exploring Religious Constructs of Gender and Sexuality

Sexed Religion is our upcoming edition tentatively scheduled for Spring 2016. In this edition, we will be exploring bodies, the things they do and the language that defines them in the context of religion and culture.

We’re interested in research that breaks binaries, and isn’t afraid to put its hands in places where researchers normally wouldn’t.

We will be seeking submissions from all relevant fields (religion, theology, gender studies, anthropology, history, etc.). Papers can focus on any tradition, time period or particular issue surrounding gender and sexuality.

Some submission ideas we’re particularly interested in, include:

  • Case studies on saints and other figures
  • Intersections of Art, Religion and Gender
  • Changing perceptions of Gender and Sexuality
  • Comparative studies in Gender and sexuality
  • Alternate readings of familiar texts
  • Queer theory and its application
  • Desire, erotic longing and naughty divinities

Submission due date for completed papers is August 1st 2015. Please review our submission guidelines carefully before submitting.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in this CFP, please submit your paper.