26 Sexed Religion

JRC 26

The following articles and book reviews originally appeared in Vol. 26 (No. 1 & 2) of the JRC, December 2015. They are now available as PDFs for online access and Fair Use in the classroom or other academic settings.

The conference proceedings (No. 3) were originally presented at the 2016 AGIC conference at Concordia University, Spring 2016.

Front Matter (No. 1 & 2):

Alexander Nachaj – Introduction from the Editor

Steven Lapidus – A Tribute to Donald L Boisvert

Articles (No. 1):

Gina-Froese – Feminization and Authority in Thomas of Celano’s First Life of Francis Assisi

Spyridon Loumakis – Miasma and Sexual Intercourse in the Ancient Greek World: A Literature Review

Christopher Byrne – Using a Thorn to Dig Out a Thorn: A Buddist Laywoman’s Response to Gender Ideology in Late Imperial China

Articles (No. 2):

Jordan Wadden – The Courage to Be Yourself: A Que(e)rying of Contemporary Protestant Existentialist Theology

Nikola Stepic – The Reproduction of Saint Sebastian as a Queer Martyr in Suddenly, Last Summer and Lilies

Joseph E Brito – Discipleship and Gender in the Gospel of Thomas: A Narrative Analysis of Salome and Mariam Through the Implicit Narrator

Book Reviews (No. 1 & 2 & Online):

Becoming Women: The Embodied Self in Image Culture – Review

Religious Men and Masculine Identity in the Middle Ages – Review

The Christ Child in Medieval Culture: Alpha es et O! – Review

Mortality and Music: Popular Music and the Awareness of Death – Review

Unmanly Men: Refigurations of Masculinity in Luke-Acts – Review

Muslims in the Western Imagination – Review

Humanism: Essays on Race, Religion, and Popular Culture – Review

Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli – Review

Catholic Sexual Theology and Adolescent Girls – Review

JRC 26 No. 3 + AGIC 2016 (Conference Proceedings)

01 Fanie Demeule – Profanation du feminin Maternel

AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 02 Adam Beyt – Trans-Aesthetics of Effy Beth

AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 03 Mathilde Vanasse-Pelletier – Conservatisme Chretien Genre et Medias

AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 04 Nathan Dyck – Coming into Beings

 AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 05 Daniel A Giorgio – Bodily Merimnas

AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 06 Aaron Ricker – What Looking at the Son of Mans Busline Reveals

AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 07 Julie Morris – Dressing the Savior

 AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 08 Daniel Santiago Saenz – Colonizing Bodies

AGIC 2016 Proceedings – 09 Glenn and Ben-Choreen – InBetween