Staffed by Concordia University graduate students from the Department of Religions and Cultures, the JRC is managed by a rotating team of executive staff members and student volunteers.

The current committee was formed in August 2019.

Executive Committee:

Editor-in-Chief: Lindsey Jackson
Article Editors: Scarlet Jory, Jordan Molot, Veronica D’Orsa, Ali Smears
Book Review Editors: Laurel Andrew and Veronica D’Orsa
Graphic Designer: Scarlet Jory

Editors Emeriti / Emeritae

Joseph Brito – Editor-in-Chief (2018)

Alexander Nachaj – Editor-in-Chief (2014-2017)

Daniel Santiago Sáenz – Arts Editor (2017)

Josée Roy – Articles Editor (2017)

Elyse MacLeod – Head Articles Editor (2014-2017)

Georgia Carter – Book Reviews Editor (2015-2017)

Anthony Easton – Book Reviews Editor (2013-2015)

Cimminnee Holt  – Editor-in-Chief (2011-2013)