24 JRC 2013

The following articles and book reviews originally appeared in Vol. 24, No.1 of the JRC, April 2013. They are now available as PDFs for online access and Fair Use in the classroom or other academic settings.


Ildiko Glaser-Hille – Demonic Dialogues Cassirer – Aquinas and the Treatment of Demonology as Myth

Adrian Gorea – Performing the Icon in the Midst of Contemporary Iconoclastic Gestures

Calogero A. Miceli – A Narrative Reading of the Denarius in the Gospel of Mark 12v13-17

Devorah Rosenberg – Psychoanalysis Meaning and Religion An Essay on Loewald and Frankl


Anthony Easton – Review of A Brutal Unity The Spiritual Politics of the Christian Church by Ephriam Radner

Ildiko Glaser-Hille – Review of Jews and Magic in Medici Florence – The Secret World of Benedetto Blanis by Edward Goldberg

Andrea Lobel – Review of The Calling of the Nations – Exegesis Ethnography and Empire in a Biblical-Historic Present by Vessey Betcher Da

Allison Murphy – Review of Objection to God by Colin Howson

Erin Routon – Review of Devoted to Death – Santa Muete the Skeleton Saint by R Andrew Chestnut