Then and Now – 25th Edition Published

Our 25th edition of the JRC titled “Then and Now” was published April 30th 2015 through the Journal of Religion and Culture.

Copies are available for sale at $10. Please contact the JRC if you are interested in securing a copy.

We will be adding electronic copies of our articles and reviews to our website shortly, accessible to our subscribers.

Upcoming Publication: Then and Now

The upcoming 25th edition of the JRC “Then and Now” is in the final stages of preparation before publication. We are currently on track for a Spring 2015 release, both via the web and in print copy.

We will be aiming for a limited 1st run of 100 print copies. Complimentary copies will be provided to all authors and contributors, as well as Montreal University libraries.

Remaining copies will be available for purchase. Prices TBD.

If you are interested in reserving a copy, please contact our editorial team and let them know as soon as possible.