Volume 26 Has Been Printed and Received

We’ve just received our copies of Volume 26 – Sexed Religion from the printers! Everyone has been a little swamped with the end of the Winter Semester and start of the Summer Semester, but stay tuned for our “much anticipated” launch event.

To all authors, reviewers and contributors: If you are based outside of Montreal, or will not be in Montreal this summer, and would like to have your copy mailed to you, please get in contact with us when you have a chance. We will also be getting in contact with everyone in the coming week.

Sexed Religion Submissions Now Closed

Thank you everyone who expressed interest and has submitted to the JRC’s upcoming 26th Edition “Sexed Religion”. Submissions are now closed. All papers which have been submitted beforehand and which conform to our guidelines have been added to our pool for consideration and review.

Confirmation Emails

If you have submitted a paper before the deadline and have not received a confirmation email, please get in touch with us at jrc-concordia@gmail.com. we’ve had a few people not receive their confirmation emails. Don’t panic: we probably received it.


Catch you at AGIC – March 5th 2015

Drop by our booth Thursday March 5th 2015 at AGIC – Concordia University’s Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference hosted by the Department of Religion.

The JRC booth will be easy to spot – just look for the booth of well dressed people next to the reception table. Seriously, we plan on being the best dressed people there.

We’ve got a bit of swag to give away, so if you love stickers and business cards (who doesn’t) come take a handful.

We will also be looking to recruit new editors and readers for our SpringĀ 2016 edition – Sexed Religion.

The conference will be taking place from 8:00AM onward on the 7th Floor of the Hall Building.